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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the absolute cornerstone of having a successful website. Simply put it is the process of making your site ranking higher in search engines by having relevant key phrases that customers are searching for when it comes to your business and its products.

We have sensational website designs for improved marketing, increased revenues and enhanced e-commerce opportunities. Our web designs have great functionality and effective interface at competitive prices.

3 keys for online success

Website traffic

This looks at your target audience. Where do they gather and how can you direct them to your website.


We work with our clients to understand how visitors are interacting on their site and suggest ways in which their website can be improved to ensure that those visitors become customers.

Customer Retention

This looks at increasing the value of each customer you already have. How you are continually interacting with people that have done business with you in the past and makes them return time and time again.

It’s All About Data

Keyword Selection

Keyword selection is by far the most critical aspect of an SEO strategy, by selecting the correct phrases we will be able to ensure your site ranks higher and higher to the point it is on the front page of search results.

Analytics and Reporting

In order to gauge the success of an SEO campaign, it is important to track and measure all data regarding website traffic and interactions with the site. SoftKodes possess a comprehensive suite of reporting that allows our clients to get a clear understanding of where their search engine strategy and website a performing well, and which areas require improvement.